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Cleaning the Meditation room

Joining in with spreading the Dharma is an attitude of mind that thinks “Because I love all living beings, my mothers, I will do whatever I can do to help my Centre to flourish so that I can benefit all living beings through bringing them the practice of pure Kadam Dharma which is the only way we can solve our human problems”

Our Dharma Centre is therefore for us a wish-fulfilling jewel from which we can receive immeasurable merit. By helping in whatever way we can we are directly and indirectly benefiting all living beings because our Centre is dedicated for that purpose.

Centre Cherishing Days are a great way to practically help all living beings.

Please lend a hand for an hour or two as we clean our meditation room and the Centre space. it is great fun, snacks provided and we are creating the causes :

For our minds to become clearer

The minds of others who enter our room become clearer

The Deities are delighted to enter our room

We create the cause to be reborn with a beautiful form

We create the cause to be reborn in a pure environment such as a Pure land.

Joyful Path of Good Fortune- by G.K. Gyatso

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Meditation courses in Johannesburg & Cleaning the Meditation room.