General Programme

The GP class programme provides a basic introduction to Buddhist view, meditation, and practice that is suitable for beginners. It also includes advanced teachings and practices from both Sutra and Tantra. It is taught at every Kadampa Buddhist Centre and is an ideal starting point for those interested to find out more about Buddhism and meditation.

Classes, which are usually held in the evenings, are open to everyone and are supplemented by optional day courses, weekend courses, and meditation retreats.

Subjects covered by the programme include:

• Who was Buddha?
• Understanding the mind
• Past and future lives
• What is karma?
• Our precious human life
• What is meditation
• Death
• The Buddhist way of life
• What is liberation?
• Developing renunciation
• The three higher trainings
• Becoming a Bodhisattva
• The Bodhisattva’s way of life
• Ultimate truth
• Enlightenment

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