Chanted Meditations

Chanted Meditations

We conduct weekly, monthly and bi-monthly chanted meditations, or group pujas, at our main location in Craighall Park. During a puja, we focus our mind and use our speech in a beneficial way while receiving blessings of the holy beings. Everyone is welcome to join these chanted meditations at no charge, although there are some pujas that require participants to have received specific empowerments. Please check the monthly calendar for our puja schedule as it can vary based on courses, special events and public holidays.

The Hundreds of Deities of the Joyful Land
Mondays, 12:30 – 13:30
This ritual prayer for spiritual attainment is a special way of relying upon our Spiritual Guide so that we can quickly receive the blessings of all the Buddhas. It is also a perfect way of preparing our mind to engage successfully in other meditations which will enable us to attain full enlightenment in this life.

Quick Path to the Attainment of Enlightenment
Tuesdays, 08:00 – 10:00
This chanted meditation is available to practitioners who have received Highest Yoga Tantra empowerments. During this puja, we engage in prayers which support a spontaneous mind of compassion for all living beings. With this compassionate mind, we will never waste a single moment of our life, but rather draw closer to the attainment of enlightenment: The stronger our wish to free others, and the stronger our efforts…the quicker the results.

Heart Jewel with Meditation
Tuesdays, 16:00 – 17:00
The Heart Jewel puja is a two-part prayer combined with a meditation. By engaging in this practice, we can purify negativity, accumulate merit, receive blessings and attain a very special Dharma wisdom.

Wishfulfilling Jewel
Fridays, 17:30 – 18:30
This practice is the heart essence of Kadampa Buddhism. We begin by engaging in a visualization practice, and making prayers and requests to purify our negativity, accumulate merit and receive blessings. Following a meditation, we then make prayers to our Dharma Protector to overcome obstacles to our practice and create favorable conditions so we can nurture and increase our pure realizations. Wishfulfilling Jewel includes a tsog offering such as candies, cakes, biscuits, fruits, teas or other vegetarian food items, so please bring an offering to the puja if you wish.