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January 2021 Events Schedule

The Art of Meditation

This course is a wonderful opportunity to start or reinvigorate a daily Lamrim meditation habit through learning the art of meditation. 

Gen Mila, a Buddhist nun, will share inspiration and guidance on how to practically gain or deepen your experience of the Lamrim meditations – the stages of the path to enlightenment, in our daily life. 

These special sets of instructions, consisting of 21 meditations, include all the essential teachings of Buddha, structured in a comprehensive way that is easy to understand and put into practice. 

By gaining experience of the Lamrim meditations we change the direction of our life to follow a path, with meaning and satisfaction, we overcome our faults, solve our daily problems and draw closer to enlightenment.

Each of the sessions will consist of a meditation to settle the mind, a chanted prayer, and guidance on how to find and meditate on 8 of the 21 meditations, with periods of silence for contemplation and meditation. 

We will be using the New Meditation Handbook with reference to Modern Buddhism and Joyful Path of Good Fortune. 

Join us for this inspiring teaching. We would love to see you.

Guided Retreat

From 16th -17th January, with Gen Kelsang Mila

New Year, New You 

It can often feel as if we are “stuck” or “trapped” in our lives, our routines and habits. We crave positive change, but often don’t know how to accomplish this for ourselves. Buddha taught that if we truly wish to change our lives and ourselves, we need to change our mind. Buddha explains in his wisdom teachings that if we change our mind, we literally change our world, as the way we experience the world depends entirely on our state of mind.

In this course Buddhist nun, Gen Kelsang Mila, will explain how to develop a New You using Buddhas wisdom teachings,

Join us for this special opportunity.


On 23 January, from 09:00 – 12:00, with Gen Kelsang Mila

Calming the Mind

A lot of people experience a mind that is filled with anxiety, worry and other negative states of mind. These states of mind can be overwhelming and make our lives feel somewhat painful and uncomfortable.

Buddha gave clear instructions on how we can change our negative states of mind to positive, through the practice of meditation.  

In this course, Buddhist practitioner Dr Colinda Linde will teach how through meditation we can calm our mind. She will also be taught simple meditation techniques  that we can use in your daily lives

Join us for this lovely experience, See you there. 


On 23 January, from 09:00 – 12:00, with Gen Kelsang Mila