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December 2021 Events Schedule

Overcoming Negative Emotions with Gen Kelsang Namkhyen

Painful emotions such as stress, anxiety, depression and loneliness cause us much unhappiness and stop us from being able to truly enjoy our life. Often we feel stuck or paralysed by our negative states of mind and simply do not see any way out.

Buddha skilfully explained that our lives will not materially change if we do not develop inner peace and let go of our negative emotions. But to develop such a state of inner peace we need to investigate the actual roots of these painful emotions. Only through meditation are we able to fully understand how to get rid of negative emotions and to cultivate positive states of mind.

In this course, visiting teacher Gen Kelsang Namkhyen, will give us practical methods for how we can deal with our painful emotions and how through meditating on the root cause of such emotions we are ultimately able to eliminate them all together.

About the Teacher: 

Gen Kelsang Namkhyen is the Resident Teacher of Tushita Kadampa Meditation Centre.

He has been ordained as a Buddhist monk for twenty-two years and taught extensively.

Day Course

On 4 December from 10h00 to 15h00, with Gen Kelsang Namkhyen

Abiding in Bliss

The Hundreds of Deities of the Joyful Land – with teachings on Completion Stage

On this retreat we learn how to meditate on the completion stage meditation objects, according to the instructions given in the book The Oral Instructions of Mahamudra by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche. Through learning to control the mind and the winds upon which our mind is mounted we can reduce the power of self grasping ignorance. 

When through the force of meditation our mind transforms into great bliss and this mind realizes emptiness directly, this is the union of great bliss and emptiness, the actual realization of Mahamudra. It is said that when we attain this we will definitely become enlightened in this life. 

Everyone Welcome!


On 11 December from 10h00 to 15h15, with Gen Kelsang Mila

Vajrasattva Retreat : Purification of Negative Karma

Vajrasattva is the manifestation of the purifying power of all Buddha’s.  

During this retreat, we have the opportunity to purify our non-virtuous actions and obstructions.

By engaging in the four opponent powers and the purification practices of Buddha Vajrasattva, we can remove both the causes of our future suffering and obstacles to our spiritual practice.

Since purification is the root of future happiness and spiritual realizations, we should strive to cleanse our mind of delusions and negative karma by practicing the meditation and recitation of Vajrasattva. This is the supreme method to purify.

What is Retreat?

Retreat means we stop all forms of business and extraneous activities in order to emphasize a particular spiritual practice. There are three kinds of retreats: physical, verbal, and mental.

We engage in physical retreat when, with a spiritual motivation, we isolate ourselves from other people, activities, and noise, and disengage from extraneous and meaningless actions.

We engage in verbal retreat when, with a spiritual motivation, we refrain from meaningless talk and periodically remain silent.

We engage in mental retreat by preventing distractions and strong delusions such as attachment, anger, and jealousy from arising, and by maintaining mindfulness and conscientiousness.

If we remain in physical and verbal retreat but fail to observe mental retreat, our retreat will have little power. Such a retreat may be relaxing, but if we do not prevent strong delusions from arising even on retreat our mind will not be at peace. However, keeping physical and verbal retreat will help us to keep mental retreat

Everyone Welcome!


On 18 & 19 December from 10h00 to 15h15, with Gen Kelsang Mila

New Years Eve Event

Come and celebrate the beginning of 2022 with Buddha Ayra Taras blessings and protection. 

Ayra Tara is a female Buddha, a manifestation of the ultimate wisdom of all the Buddhas and is known as the Mother of liberation.

If we rely upon Buddha Ayra Tara she can protect us from obstacles and help fulfill our wishes. Tara is able to help us very swiftly. These praises are very powerful as they are Buddha’s words. 

Join us for one or more of Taras chanting sessions Friday 31st December 2021 and Saturday 01st January 2022.


On 31 December & 1 January, with Gen Kelsang Mila

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