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March 2021 Events Schedule

Re-create yourself: Learn to Meditate

There is so much information about meditation out there that it is hard to know for certain what authentic meditation is. The teaching on meditation presented in this course has been handed down directly from Buddha and has the power to solve all our mental problems. Buddha said :

“If we train in meditation our mind will gradually become more and more peaceful and we will experience purer and purer forms of happiness. Eventually, we will be able to stay happy all the time, even in the most difficult circumstances.”

In this course, you will be taught what true authentic meditation is and discover its benefits. You will also be given practical advice on how to begin a meditation practice, whether using chair or cushion and how you can make time to meditate amidst your busy life.

This course will be taught by three sincere practitioners.


On 6th March, from 9:00 – 11:30, with Alex, Jonathan and Sebastian

Blessing Empowerment of Buddha Avalokiteshvara

 Blessing Empowerment of the Buddha Avalokiteshvara – the Buddha of Compassion. 

Buddha Avalokiteshvara is an enlightened being who represents the compassion of all Buddhas. 

At this special event, Gen Mila will grant the Blessing Empowerment of Buddha Avalokiteshvara through which you will receive powerful blessings to awaken your Buddha nature and your compassionate kind heart. Gen Mila will teach how to develop universal love and compassion through the practice and meditation on this Buddha. Through receiving his powerful blessings and protection, your own love and compassion will grow and you can become an enlightened being like him.

An empowerment is a beautiful series of guided meditations through which you make a direct connection with a holy being and receive his powerful blessings and inspiration to make progress on your spiritual path. 

We would love to see you.  


From 26th to 28th March, with Gen Kelsang Mila

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