The Foundation Study Programme

 A Unique Study Programme 

The Foundation Programme members are studying the book: The New Heart of Wisdom.

Classes:           Thursdays 18:00 – 20:00

Teacher:          Gen Kelsang Mila

Book:               Part Two of Geshe Kelsang Gyatso’s ‘The New Heart of Wisdom’

Venue:            VKBC, The Woods, 345 Jan Smuts Ave, Craighall Park

These classes form part of the Foundation Programme (FP) of Kadampa Buddhism and provide an opportunity to deepen our understanding and practice of the spiritual path through a dynamic combination of teaching, meditation and group discussion. 

Are you ready to join the Foundation Study Programme?

The Programme Structure

The secret of the Foundation Programme’s success lies in the manageable commitment made by the student and in the clear structure of study. Students sign up to study a book or part of a book, agree to attend every class, learn the material, and to take a test at the conclusion of the study.

The Class Structure

Prior to class, students study an assigned portion of the text, usually a few pages long, and memorize the essential points. The class begins with chanted prayers and guided meditation. The teacher then reads the assigned selection from the book while giving commentary to the text. The students then divide into pairs to discuss the material. The teacher and students conclude by deciding what to meditate on in the next class and how to practice during the coming week.


Students participate in putting up the shrine offerings and setting up the meditation room on the day of their class. In this way they learn about the rituals associated with Buddhist practice. In addition to weekly attendance in the class, there is also a commitment to participate in at least one chanted-prayer session at the Centre each week.

About the Book

About The Book : The New Heart of Wisdom

The New Heart of Wisdom is an extraordinary book. It reveals the direct and hidden meanings of Buddha’s Perfection of Wisdom Sutras in a way that we can apply them to our modern life. By revealing the profound meaning of the very heart of Buddha’s teachings, this book shows how we can attain pure, lasting happiness through developing special wisdom and universal compassion.


If you are interested in developing your meditation practice, the VKBC Foundation Programme may be for you. To learn more, or to enrol as an FP member, please email our Education Programme Co-ordinator, Sue Malfeld at 

Taster Class: Sample two free FP classes to see if this is what you are looking for.
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Benefits of Becoming a Foundation Programme Member


  • Increased personal insight, wisdom and experience of Dharma (Buddha’s) teachings
  • Studying and meditating more efficiently, following a specially designed programme with a qualified meditation teacher
  • An opportunity to discuss and ask questions
  • Gain the ability to integrate Buddha’s instructions into busy, modern life.  

Click here to view the New Heart of Wisdom Video Clip:


The Foundation Programme is taught by our own Resident Teacher Gen Kelsang Mila. Gen Mila was ordained in 2010 and has been Vajrapani Kadampa Buddhist Centre’s Resident Teacher since September 2010.