Meditation For Corporates

What we offer:

A once-off meditation class. Example of topics – how to control your mind, reduce stress, reduce anxiety, reduce depression, increase motivation, improve patience, develop kindness and tolerance.


We are happy to fit into your schedule and assist you with any of your requirements i.e. subjects and or timelines. 


Please contact us for further info on or 083 678 5956.

About our

Corporate Meditation Classes

What is Meditation and its Benefit?

Meditation helps to clear and calm one’s mind which benefits person productivity, concentration and morale.

It can help with one’s self-esteem, communication skills, improved interpersonal relationships.

Is Meditation for Everyone?

Yes, everyone can benefit from learning this essential skill. If our mind is clear, not distracted, benefits, we are focused and able to function effectively.

What to Expect at a Class?

The teacher will do a brief introduction on the subject chosen, guide a Meditation , lead a short discussion and conclude with a Q and A.