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Meditation and Buddhist Practice in Johannesburg

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Improve your life with meditation


Learn how to cope with the busyness of modern life by engaging in
Buddhist meditation. Create an inner space of tranquility free from the turbulence of everyday demands but without abandoning your ordinary life.

Meditation helps you:
• increase positive states of mind
• reduce stress and anxiety
• experience greater contentment and well-being
• improve concentration
• develop better relationships
• maintain greater physical health
• find and fulfill the meaning of this life
• attain enlightenment

How to Get Started

Our weekly classes are a great place to start. A typical class will include teachings, two guided meditations and a question & answer session.

Taught by qualified Western teachers, the meditation classes are very easy to understand and apply to our daily lives. The classes are suitable for both beginners and advanced meditation practitioners, and emphasise how to meditate and practice in our Johannesburg urban environment.

Meditation is a simple yet profound method to improve the quality of our lives and develop inner peace and ultimately attain liberation and enlightenment. Through following very simple, practical instructions we can learn to let go of the causes of our pain and dissatisfaction and to gain the inner peace and clarity we seek. We offer a range of classes from basic introductions to Buddhist meditation, applying Buddha’s teachings to daily life issues such as anger and improving relationships, to comprehensive study programs of Buddhist view, meditation and action.

Everyone is welcome. 

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